Split Second Timing, Australia is a full service results and timing company for international level judged and timed sports.


We have a large range of rental timing equipment so you can try before you buy or supplement your existing equipment for that big event. Rental rates are based on the cost of the item and the amount of time required with a minimum rental period of 7 days. Call us for details....



For information on sports not featured below see our sports page. Below you can find a few examples of the levels of the service that we provide: 

>> freestyle skiing

Official results provider to the 
International Ski Federation for the Freestyle Skiing World Cup.

>> live tv graphics

Real time, LIVE or post-production 
television graphics for timed and 
judged sport

>> motor rally timing

Live timing for motor rally with real-time data link between start and finish, elapsed time display and electronic vehicle tracking

>> club car racing

Club Car Racing - timing systems 
and results service using highly accurate electronic timing equipment and multi-car aware smart software.

>> Laser positioning

Laser positioning, player tracking 
and statistics for golf and field sports.