ALGE OPTIc Photo finish is a computerized color photofinish system with integrated evaluation software using the latest FireWire technology.

Mass finish sports like thoroughbred (horse) racing, harness racing (pacing, trotting), greyhound racing, triathlon, rowing, outrigger canoe, kayak, athletics (track and field), cross country skiing, skier cross, snowboard cross, motor sport, road and track cycling etc. can all benefit from this type of technology.

There can be no dispute over the results as photofinish cameras provide a permanent visual record of the finish line and is the most accurate method of determining a mass finish currently available. With resolution up to 1/2000th of a second, photofinish cameras have a huge advantage over transponder or human judging which are just not capable of accurately determining close finishes nor can they produce a auditable record for scrutiny.

The Color Line Scan Camera scans every movement at the finish line in true color (24 bit, 16.8 million colors - highest on the market) and stores the data immediately on the hard disk of the computer. The photo finish picture can be shown at any time on your PC monitor, shared across a network, displayed on TV, or printed. The OPTIc Photofinish can even be used on a laptop.

With timing up to 2000 lines per second and up to 1356 vertical pixels, the picture quality is one of the highest resolution photo finish systems currently available. This higher resolution means you can install your photofinish camera closer to the track and still cover the entire course without the need for special lenses.

The ALGE OPTIc Photofinish comes standard with a 12.5 - 75mm manual zoom lens which is normally sufficient for most sports. Other photofinish brands use expensive Nikon lenses with fixed field lengths required for each location.

If you are currently renting your photo finish equipment for your thoroughbred, harness or greyhound club through the "The House of Brooks" or other rental provider, why not call us for a quote. You may be pleasantly surprised by the price. All our customers have been! Why rent when you can generally buy your own camera in less than the standard contract term with no further payments. Our modern range of Horse/Harness and Greyhound scoreboards (a.k.a. semaphore boards) have also been very well received through-out the Australian racing industry. Our price, product quality and high level of after sales service is unbeatable. You wont be disappointed.

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