The ALGE D-LINE series are universal numeric display boards that are packed with features. It is possible to control them directly from ALGE-Timing devices as well as from other devices by RS 232 interface or they can be operated as a stand-alone clock with count down or count up stopwatch capability.

They can also display time of day and/or date when the display is not being used for competition. With optional sensors installed, you can show air or water temperature or relative humidity.

D-LINE displays can be stacked to form a multi-lane scoreboard for sports such as swimming and athletics and more or less digits can be added to suit your needs.

ALGE D-LINE displays can also be networked so you can have a master clock with unlimited slaves all showing the same information. If you just need the time/temperature options without RS-232 or stopwatch capablility, see our D-SAT Time Temperature display boards.


The custom input setup allows you to display information from existing devices that output RS-232 serial data by allowing you to choose which information from the input data is to be shown on the display.

For example, if the device provides an input string in the following format:

" 1234 C1 12:34:56.0000 00CR"

you could choose to show the 10th - 17th characters from the input string resulting in "12:34.56" shown on the display as shown in the picture below.

D-LINE Display

ALGE offers models for indoor and outdoor and a variety of colours, though red is the most popular. The difference is mainly in the brightness of the LED. For outdoor the LED should be much brighter especially if you have direct sunlight on the board.

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The following figure heights are available:

The standard model has 6 digit. Of course we manufacture any configuration you require. The advantage of LED display boards compared to other display boards is the low price, low maintanence, low power consumption and low weight.

Additionally, LED displays are perfect for use in low light areas or for night time use (e.g. dark roof of a stadium) compared to mechanical reflective displays. The power supply for the board comes either from the mains (100 - 240 VAC) or via an external 12 V battery.

Excellent visual display board for data like:

Technical Data: