The new multipurpose timer, the "Timy" (pronounced "TIME-E") is now available from ALGE. This hand held device, is an upgrade of the popular and versatile "Comet" and comes with an optional attached printer making it a more self contained general purpose timing machine.

The Timy is a great improvement over stopwatch timing especially for multi-lane events because all lanes are started with a common impulse, instead of each timekeeper starting and stoping their watches seperatly.

The Timy has 9 seperate timing channels, allowing the timing of multi-lane races, like swimming and athletics, or lateral races like skiing, moutain bike etc. with separate start, finish and up to 7 intermediate times. Timing impulses can be triggered using a large range of devices including start psitols, horns, photocells etc. See our Products section for more information on Start and finish devices.

The timy can be used a s a speed, trap, judges keypad or display board controller. Program developers can also use the Timy as a highly accurate time base for computer software using the PC-Timer program. The list of uses is endless.

The Timy is pre loaded with a large range of software covering most sports. Software updates are free of charge and easily uploaded using ALGE's Install Manager via USB or serial port from a PC. Flash software can be downloaded from the ALGE web site at any time:

Download Colour Brochure in .pdf form 
Download User Manual in .pdf form 
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The Timy comes in two configurations:

Timy XE
Timy PXE

Timy XE (without printer)

Timy PXE (with printer)

The Timy is the perfect choice for sports such as triathlon, motor sports, rally, equestrian, fun runs, athletics, swimming and skiing etc. where a highly accurate portable device with PC download capabilities are required.

system features:

software now available: 

Program to do simple races with individual start time. You can have up to 3500 competitors on the course at one time. It will give you the start time, finish time, and run time. It has a memory function for fast finish arrivals were you have no time to input the bib number. It can time two runs (e.g alpine ski racing) and can print a result list for all competitors or by category based on a range of bib numbers. Of course it is possible to control a display board and to communicate with a PC.

Download Stopwatch User Manual in .pdf form

Program to work in Time of Day mode. It will record all times on all 9 channels in time of day. No calculation of net time. Ideal program for backup timing, as a exact time reference for the PC, or for mass events (e.g. marathon).

Download Backup User Manual in .pdf form

PC Timer :
Program to be used as a time base for PC software. The PC Timer outputs to the PC a running time every 1/10th of a second with any impulse from each of the nine channels (identified by channel number) output in between the running time.

Download PC Timer User Manual in .pdf form

Timing program with split and sequentual time

Download Laptimer User Manual in .pdf form (coming soon)

Program to do races with were more competitors start at the same time, e.g. for athletic races (sprints), and swimming. It has the possibility to use all 9 channels, e.g. a separate push button for each lane

Download Tracktimer User Manual in .pdf form

Training Light:
Program for automatic timing of training runs. The system can be set up to operate unattended, and reset automatically as a racer crosses the finish line. Two modes are working:

  • Count Impulse:
    Input the amount of impulses until the finish. This means if you input 3 than it will take the start impulse (c0) and 3 further impulses, before it sets back to zero. It is also possible to input a maximum time. If this time is reached the time will be reset and the device is ready for the next starter (e.g. if somebody does not reach the finish).

  • C1-Finished:
    An impulse from channel 1 (stop) will always stop the timing of a runner. This means you can use channel 2 to 8 as intermediate times. It is also possible to input a maximum time. If this time is reached the time will be reset and the device is ready for the next starter (e.g. if somebody does not reach the finish).

Download Training User Manual in .pdf form

Training Reference-Mode:
Reference-timer is a very complex program, developed together with the Austrian Ski Team. It allows that more than one competitor is on the slope for timing. The timing impulses are given to the correct racer by checking different parameter internal.

Download Training Ref. User Manual in .pdf form

Speed trap program measuring speed in km/hr, miles/hr or meters/sec using impulses from photocells. Can compute speeds over distances from 1m to 9999m, in one or both directions, can display to a display board, print the results to the printer (PXE only) and output to a PC. You can also set a minimum and maximum speed to block unwanted impulses.

Download Speed User Manual in .pdf form

Terminal software to control the Display Board GAZ4 or LED D-Line displays.
Programs include:

  • Attempt, Start Number, Width display for Athletics long/high jump
  • Coutdown Timer
  • Tachometer
  • Start Display
  • Football Scoreboard
  • Gaelic Football Scoreboard
  • Concentration
  • Counter Display

Download Commander User Manual in .pdf form

Timing program for start countdown and lapcounting for cyclin pursuit.

Download Cyclestart User Manual in .pdf form

Use the Timy as a data entry system (keypad) for judged sports.

Download Terminal User Manual in .pdf form

Wind Speed :
Part of the wind wpeed system for athletics

Download Wind Speed User Manual in .pdf form

Parallel Slalom :
Operates red and blue or left and right with maximum penalty time calculated automatically. Can also be used for Dual Moguls.

Download Parallel Slalom User Manual in .pdf form (coming soon)


Dual Timer :
Timer for multiple courses

Extended timing software

To calculate run- and total times



See our Products pages for options available for the Timy including: