>> Photocells

Infra-red photocells provide start impulse when an object crosses the start line.

>> Start Clock ASC1

An analogue timing display and backup timer, programmable for any number of start intervals.

>> Start Microphone SM8

A microphone that will send a start signal at receipt of a loud noise (such as a starting pistol). 

>> Start Gates

Manual start gates with integrated speech amplifier for headset connection. Typically used with ski,  snowboard and mountain bike racing. 1 or 2 outputs available.

>> Start Beep STB1

An acoustic start tone for races where competitors need to start at a 
pre-determined interval.

>> Start Block ASB

The Start Block ASB forms part of the ALGE Start Judge False start system for athletics.

>> Start Unit SU

Starter's unit for activating the start and communicating with competitors in swimming and athletics.

>> Tape Switch TS

Pneumatic tape switch for cycling. Complete with socket distributor. Available in 3m and 6m lengths.


Super bright LED Array used as visual indication of start for hand timing and hearing impared athletes .

>> Relay pad SWR1

Relay and false start contact plate for use on existing starting blocks

>> Start Block /contact plate SO2 

Stainless steel starting block for swimming complete with slip resistant contact plate for relay false starts

>> Push Button

Hand operated push button provides start or stop impulse 
to ALGE timing devices.

>> Cycling Start Machine ST-BSM1

Holding and release device to prevent false starts in track cycling.