ALGE-TIMING provides a complete, state of the art swimming timing system which can be used at your competition or training swimming pool.

The first systems in Australia have been installed into the Warringah Aquatic Center in Sydney, Dubbo RSL Club and the Belconnen Aquatic Center in Canberra.

The heart of the SWIM 2000 swimming timing system is the revolutionary new software running on Windows® (Windows 95, 98 or NT4.0) which makes timing of the smallest to the largest swimming competitions easier than ever before. The visual user interface gives the operator an unprecedented level of feedback from the swimming pool sensors.

The ALGE SWIM 2000 system use a single time base for all touch pad and manual SAT buttons and false start relay pads which are printed on a single tape in chronological order eliminating the need to compare multiple print outs. A real time comparison of touch pad and manual SAT buttons visually alerts the operator to any discrepancies. Automatic connection to HY-TEK meet manager makes the distribution of results a snap.

The ALGE SWIM 2000 touch pads are the most robust and well built on the market today. They are fully compatible with other brands of swimming timing systems so make an excellent replacement if your existing Omega or Colorado touch pads have seen better days.

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System description:

Information for each lane is collected using Start blocks SO2, Touch pads and manual SAT hand switches and transferred through a SWIM Terminal SWT to the SWIM Controller SWC via an RS 485 bus.

The SWIM Controller SWC collects all information, time stamped and channel coded using a built in temperature compensated quartz oscillator (TCXO) which guarantees high timing precision up to 10,000/sec. The SWIM Controller SWC has an integrated battery which preserves all data in memory even in the event of a power failure. You can re-transmit the data at a later point to the PC and then print result lists. An ALGE P5 Printer is used to print each channel/elapsed timing impulse as it is received at the SWIM Controller SWC for added security.

Times for each lane can be sent from the SWIM Controller SWC to a single display board, scoreboard or video wall to keep spectators and participants informed.

An amplifier for the speaker system for each lane is integrated into the SWIM Controller SWC so verbal commands can be relayed to the swimmers from the starter using a Start Unit SU. The starter can switch between announcements over the speaker system and conversation with the operator of the SWIM System via a Headset Q34

Swim timing data is transferred via the RS-232 interface to the Windows® Software on a PC which includes timing software, evaluation software, and a list generator.

The timing system can handle swimming pools from 1 to 10 lanes. You can use on each lane and on each end, a touch pad, three SAT hand switches, and a starting block (for relay false starts).

ALGE also has systems for water polo, diving, and synchronized swimming.



A more basic swimming system for training squads, clubs, schools and pools with restricted budgets, use an ALGE Timy with Tracktime software, a single  push button for each lane up to 9 lanes as well as a GAZ4 swimming display board, LED swimming display board or full 8 lane swimming scoreboard. (see picture below)

You can time swimming competitions for pools with 1 - 9 lanes . The operator enters the race and heat number into the ALGE Timy to enable each race. The race is then started by pressing the push button attached to the portable Start Beep, which sounds an tone and simultaneously starts the timer. An ALGE Start Flash can also be connected to give a visual indication of the start for hand timers and hearing impaired athletes. A false start tone can also be sounded by pressing the push button three times in short succession. The display or scoreboard will display the running time during the race. As each competitor finishes the race a push button is pressed for the appropriate lane. The display or scoreboard will display the times in order and return to the running clock until all lanes have completed the race. 

Once all competitors have finished the operator passes the timing tape to the recording desk then enters the next race and heat number to enable the next race. All times are printed to paper as the impulses are recorded. The memory of the ALGE Timy can be transmitted to a computer for further analysis. You can even transfer times to Hy-Tek's Meet Manager so no manual entry is required. (Serial port and special cable required)

This system can easily be upgraded by adding touch pads, though the SWIM 2000 swimming timing system mentioned above would be a better choice if touch pads are a possibility in the future. Feel free Contact us for any further details.

Basic Swim System

ALGE Basic Swimming System

Basic Swim with Display

ALGE Basic Swimming System with single line, scrolling LED display board