ALGE GAZ 4 display boards are a clear and highly visible way to display timing and result information at your event.

Available in many configurations to suit your needs, the GAZ 4 displayboard is made to take the harshest conditions that many outdoor sports endure.

You can display numerical data such as time, speed, width, height, marks, points, weight, price, winning numbers, rates of prices, and so on.

Information can be displayed from all ALGE devices and other brands of timing equipment as well as by serial connection from your PC, so there are endless applications for the GAZ 4.

Optional internal batteries allow long periods of use when no mains power source is available.





GAZ displays can be made in almost any configuration from 3 - 8 digits and 15cm, 25cm or 45cm in height


Part No (inc. Nicads add +PP4) Configuration
GAZ4315 (+PP4) Display Board 3 digits, 15 cm
GAZ4415 (+PP4) Display Board 4 digits, 15 cm
GAZ4515 (+PP4) Display Board 5 digits, 15 cm
GAZ4615 (+PP4) Display Board 6 digits, 15 cm
GAZ4715 (+PP4) Display Board 7 digits, 15 cm
GAZ4815 (+PP4) Display Board 8 digits, 15 cm
GAZ4325 (+PP4) Display Board 3 digits, 25 cm
GAZ4425 (+PP4) Display Board 4 digits, 25 cm
GAZ4525 (+PP4) Display Board 5 digits, 25 cm
GAZ4625 (+PP4) Display Board 6 digits, 25 cm
GAZ4725 (+PP4) Display Board 7 digits, 25 cm
GAZ4825 (+PP4) Display Board 8 digits, 25 cm
GAZ4345 (+PP4) Display Board 3 digits, 45 cm
GAZ4445 (+PP4) Display Board 4 digits, 45 cm
GAZ4545 (+PP4) Display Board 5 digits, 45 cm
GAZ4645 (+PP4) Display Board 6 digits, 45 cm