The ALGE Comet is a general purpose hand-held terminal and timing device. A variety of software is available through a removable EPROM chip. Typical uses are providing a accurate serial time base for computer timing software, seperate start/finish timing (e.g. Mountain bike, rally, triathlon etc.), backup timing, replacing stopwatches for greater accuracy, training courses, judges' keypad, speed traps, recording bib order of finishers and as a GAZ4 display board controller.

Note: The ALGE Comet is now a discontinued item. The ALGE Timy has now replaced it in vitually all functionality and much newer technology. We do have a number (approx 16 units) of these devices for sale from our ex-demo stock and a few new ones still available. Call us for details...  

system features:

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available software:


  • For a maximum of two competitors on the course

  • Stores start numbers with start or finish time

  •  It is possible to input start numbers through RS 232 interface (e.g. scanner)

  • Software for: SPLIT, SEQUENTIAL (Lap), RALLY (Timeout) and SPEED

  • Output of data for RS 232 interface (e.g. for PC-result service)

  • Memory can be checked through RS 232 interface 

Program is identical as Stopwatch, but you can read the same start number as many times as you want.

Stop Scan:
Program is identical to the Stopwatch, but you input the start number that comes from RS 232 interface the timing impulse (e.g. scanner, transponders).

Stop 1 Scan:
Combination of Stop1 and Stop Scan.

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  • Program for races with mass start

  • Program for back up timing (e.g. start times and /or finish times

  • It is possible to input the start number after the race

  • Online output of time of day with start number through RS 232 interface

  • Output of all stored data through RS 232 interface after the race 

Memo HP:
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Program is identical to Memotimer, but you must input the start number before the impulse. If you do not input a start number it will generate a continuous ID-number.

Memo 1:
Program is identical to Memotimer, but you can read the same start number as many times as you want.

Memo Scan:
Program is identical to Memotimer, but you can input the start number through the RS 232 interface (e.g. scanner, transponders).

Memo 1 Scan:
Combination of Memo 1 and Memo Scan.

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  • Automatic program for ski training and ski tests (nobody must operate it)

  • Stores the start number (or continues ID number) with the time of each competitor.

  • Stores weather and snow conditions.

  • RS 232 output selectable for display board, PC, or printer 

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  • Program for cross country or biathlon.

  • It is possible to compare competitors with other competitors

  • It stores the run time with start number and rank

  • Shows always reference competitor with start number, time, and rank, as well as time of actual competitor with start number and rank.

  • Input of penalty times for biathlon is possible.

  • Output of ranking to PC through RS 232 interface

  • Program can calculate the start using Gunderson Start Method

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  • Speed measurement, either in km/h, m/s, or mph

  • Measuring distance adjustable between 1 and 240m

  • Measuring direction in both directions possible

  • It is possible to show the measuring direction

  • It stores up to 4000 speeds in the memory

  • Output of speed on ALGE display board, printer, or PC 

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  • Keypad Terminal for judges score entry

  • Network up to 10 Comet with a PC possible

  • Usable for ski jumping, freestyle skiing, figure skating, gymnastics, diving, boxing, etc.

Parallel Display:
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It displays the data from an  ALGE timing device (e.g. TdC 8000, TdC 4000, Timer S4) for another person (e.g. speaker) can be up to 50 meters away from Timer

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Simple terminal programs that controls an ALGE display board with the following programs:

  • start number / rank

  • start number / time

  • start number / rank / time

  • start number / points 1

  • start number / points 2

  • number

  • counter

  • two counters

  • show jumping

  • autonome clock

  • stopwatch

  • countdown clock 1

  • countdown clock 2

  • distance


  • Program to control a ALGE score board with score and time (e.g. soccer)

  • Program to control the offence time of basket ball or water polo

Program to control a ALGE soccer score board

Program to control an ALGE tennis score board

Water Polo:
Program to control and ALGE water polo score board (time and score)


  • Program to calculate the run times and total times from time-of-day (with or without race points)

  • Program to calculate the start times of a Gunderson start (Nordic combination) 

Bib Memory:

  • To store start numbers in the finish (up to 9999 start numbers)

  • Input of start numbers by keyboard, scanner or transponder

  • You can store start number up to five figures

  • All start numbers are stored together with a continuous ID number

  • A correction of a start number is possible


technical data:

Measuring range:

23 hours 59 min. 59,999 sec


+/- 0.005 sec/hour at 20 C
+/- 0.05 sec/hour at-15 to 50 C

Quartz Frequency:

9,216 MHz

Operating Temperature:

-20 to 45 C

Storage Temperature:

-40 to 65 C


4000 times

Operation Keys:

16 keys


2 x 16 alphanumeric characters

Connection System:

1 x banana socket (start input)
2 x DIN-socket for photocells and power supply
1 x DIN-socket for RS 232 interface (PC, display board, printer)

Internal Power Supply:

Standard 4 x. Alkaline Mignon-Cells
or as option 4 x NiCd-rechargeable

External Power Supply:

with 12 V battery or ALGE charger (9-16 V)

Power Consumption:

27 to 33 mA (with internal power supply),
additional per photocell 25 mA (if powered from Comet)