The Timedata Computer TdC 8001 is one of the most rugged and weather-resistant printing timers ever produced.

The TdC 8001 is made for those days when you're stuck in a tent timing a race in the middle of a blizzard, wondering why you didn't stay home! The super accurate TCXO quartz crystal, combined with weatherproof circuitry allows full operation from -25C to +50C (-10F to +122F). Specially designed LCD displays for running time and data editing are visible in all lighting conditions, and power-on instantly. The professional-grade attaché-case styling, with built-in rechargeable battery pack, ensures total durability and flexibility.

ALGE's leadership in the field of sports electronics is well established. The TdC 8001 is the result of constant feedback from all levels of sport. Born of the original TdC 4000 and improved on the TdC 8000, the 8001 is a most worthy successor.

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