The S4 is a very versatile timing computer supplied with 11 standard programs for a variety of sports. It is a very useful timebase for PC applications as it can supply time of day and channel ID for up to 18 seperate timing channels as well as nett time as a RS232 data feed through its serial port that can be used to create virtually any number of custom sports timing applications.

Also see the ALGE Timy our new general purpose timer.

Front view of S4 Timing Computer

1. LCD Display 2:Power Light 3:Meter 4:3-Course Switch 
5:Manual Stop Button 6:Button 7:Program Selection Switch

Rear view of S4 Timing Computer

8. Headset 9:Photocell A 10:Photocell B 11:Photocell C 
12:External Supply 13:Displayboard 14:RS-232 15:Printer
16: Nicad Indicator 17:Channel 9 18: Start Channel A 19: Start Channel B 
20: Start Channel C 21: Multichannel Connector 22: Nicad indicator 
23:Horn connection

Download Colour Brochure for Equestrian in .pdf form
Download Colour Brochure for Agility in .pdf form

Download User Manual in .pdf form

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standard programs:

Net timing with a maximum of 3 concurrent competitors on course. Basic; Alpine Skiing, Bob and Luge, Cycling, Motor Sports, etc.  

Lap timing with a maximum of 3 concurrent competitors on course. Basic; Motor Sports, Cycling, etc.

Parallel Slalom:
Pro Format differential timing with identification of winning course. Pro Style Alpine Skiing, Pursuit Cycling, etc.

3 Course Timer:
Discrete start and finish connections allow 3 courses to operate simultaneously with one competitor per course. Volume Alpine Skiing for busy race departments, etc.

Ideal training program allows the user to select the number of timing points that will be received, displayed, and reset without the need for an operator. Basic; Skiing, Track Cycling, Testing Systems.

Download User Manual
For pools with up to 8 lanes. Allows the recording of full and half lap splits. Cost effective alternative for clubs, schools, and facilities.

18 Channel Timer with Net Time:
Universal timing program designed for on line use with a computer. Allows the recording of a start for individual or mass events, intermediates, and finish, all with channel identification, continuous ID number, and net time. Enhanced Basic; Running and marathon, Bob and Luge, Canoe and Kayak, etc.

18 Channel Timer with Time of Day and Net Time:
Enhanced version of the program listed above with the addition of Time of Day reference time for every time split recorded. Also allows the use of Split and Sequential or timeout features. Advanced; Motor Sports, Cycling, plus all sports listed above.

18 Channel Timer with Time of Day and Countdown:
Enhanced version of the program listed above with the replacement of Net Timing with Countdown capability. Also allows the ability to use timeout feature. Advanced; Basketball, Hockey, North American Football, and other sports with periods.

Equestrian Show Jumping:
Download User Manual
Universal program for most National and International formats handles timing and point calculations.  

Speed measurement in km/h, MPH, or m/s. Allows the input of measuring distance from 1 to 1 80 Meters.

system features: