Timing for road cycling events consists of elapsed time from either a single or multiple mass starts to the finish. Time time of day is shown on a GAZ4 display board at the start and converts to race time once the starting pistol is fired.

An additional single or double sided GAZ4 display board can be mounted on the lead car if required.

As the first rider crosses the finish line, the GAZ4 display stops with the winners race time and a second GAZ4 display starts counting the "time behind the winner".

Average speed over the course can also be displayed if required.

An ALGE OPTIc photo finish camera is used to determine the race time of each rider in the event. The OPTIc can operate in two ways, either in elapsed time from a single start or in time of day mode.


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Handicap races are calculated by entering a start time (handicap) for each competitor into an excel spreadsheet which can be imported into the system. Race time is then calculated automatically, by deducting the finish time from the start time. Results can then be printed, or exported back to Excel or any other format required.

Photofinish technology requires that race numbers be visible on the side of each rider and or on the bike frame, though given that the image produced is time coded to 1/2000th of a second and in full colour it is also possible to determine riders by their tricot/jersey colours.

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