ALGE Timing is the world's leading manufacturer of sports timing equipment and accessories.
Any sport, any size; ALGE devices can do it.

See our Products pages for timing computers, electronic stopwatches, photo finish cameras, scoreboards, shot clocks, photocells, anemometers, radio timing, electronic clocks, time temperature displays, touch pads, start clocks, LED flashes and much more.

Our Scoreboards and Sports pages have detailed schematics for sports such as swimming, motor sport, athletics (track & field), motor rally, hill climb, mountain bike, cycling, equestrian, martial arts (Judo, wrestling, boxing, karate, taekwondo), weightlifting, tennis, football, skiing, horse, harness and greyhound racing, basketball, canoe kayak, slalom, rowing, triathlon, water polo, netball etc.

Some really cool new technology has been introduced recently into the ALGE range, such as super-bright LED score boards and video walls. These boards are sure to brighten up your venue. If you can't find it on our website, call us we most likely have it.

We are a full service sports timing and results company
and world-leaders in results technology.

We are able to handle sporting events of any size, from club to Olympic competition. Our services encompass everything from capture of data; processing, calculation and verification; to real-time data and video feeds and printed reports. Call us for details...

Rental Equipment
We have a large range of timing equipment timing displays, photo finish and scoreboards available for rental. Our GAZ4 and D-LINE display boards, can help make your next fun run or triathlon a professional looking event. Call us for details...
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